Some of Our Amazing Brands

Alpine Start Logo
Named after a mountaineers term that refers to starting a climb before the sun rises, Alpine Start founder, Matt Segal, an active mountain climber himself, saw the need for an instant coffee that could be enjoyed at any temperature, but still have a full bodied taste. With the help of natural foodie Alex Hanifin, they made this Instant Coffee That Actually Tastes Good™ using 100% Arabica, high-quality coffee beans from Colombia.
Annmarie Logo
While traveling to interview natural-care product experts for their healthy living blog and video cast, Annmarie and Kevin Gianni were asked by viewers what products Annmarie used herself. Disheartened to learn her skin care products were not toxic-chemical free, they met and began working with Bunnie, an herbalist and chemist. With more than 30 years experience creating organic skin care products from herbs and extracts in their purest form, Bunnie helped bring these natural products to the general public.
Each product’s hand-selected ingredients are infused in base oils and aloe juice, with additional plant extracts and ingredients added that nourish skin and bring it back to life. No unneeded fillers, chemicals, or synthetic fragrances are used, making them safe for all skin types.
All Annmarie Gianni skin care products are natural, cruelty-free, Non-GMO,organic, and wildcrafted in order to give you high quality, pure, sustainable, organic skin care that is Made Safe™ and Leaping Bunny certified, and made in the U.S.A
Ayres Logo

Alejandro Rasic, Founder and President of Ayres’, created this luxurious, all-natural, aromatherapy body care collection after a successful 18-year career in the luxury perfume and cosmetics industry. Each product is infused with pure essential oils that celebrate Pampa’s natural landscape and are inspired by the mix of European sophistication and Latin passion of the cafes, women, and street life of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


BEAR logo

The name Bear was inspired by a news article describing the unhealthy habits of bears who lived near cities and foraged food from the garbage. Finding these “city bears” were dying sooner, and 30% fatter and less active than their wild brothers, Bear decided to make natural food products to encourage people to stop eating processed foods and eat the way nature intended. All products are made with real fruit and fruit juices and never with concentrates or pastes. They are Non-GMO Project certified and contain no added sugars, gumming agents or preservatives.

Bellucci Logo

Founded in 1950 and majority owned by a co-op of growers in rural Italy, this 100% Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil producer’s goal is to maintain the heritage of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil. To accomplish this, they use olives from small scale, artisanal family farms. Early on, Bellucci saw the benefits of technology to battle fraudulent products and validate authenticity of their products as truly Italian by creating the Bellucci Traceability App. This allows purchasers to enter information from bottles to locate that particular product’s region and mill of origin. This app also has a step-by-step tasting guide to help consumers explore the regional and seasonal qualities of Bellucci’s Italian roots.


Commodity Logo

This London-based, international lifestyle branded company was started by Konstantin Glasmacher and Ash Huzenlaub in 2014. This group of passionate artisans and accomplished entrepreneurs create and innovate premium lifestyle offerings for fragrance, body, and home.

They strive to give you the freedom to express yourself in a variety of ways, so you can express yourself differently each every day! Commodity wants to enhance the way you live your life, not just add to it. They believe the most precious Commodity is who you are and want to help you express yourself without words and show your individuality.

All of their products are unisex, and cruelty-free because they don’t believe in animal testing or using animal by products. Ingredients also come from sustainable resources and are paraben-free.

 Daily Concepts Logo

Daily Concepts is a minority run company striving to make products that enhance the human experience. Founder Emilio Smeke believes in a philosophy born from thinking and singing in the shower: Stop and think for a moment about who you are, what (your) role is in the world and how to contribute towards a better life.

Growing up in Mexico City, he worked at T.TAIO, his family-owned bath products company, Mexico’s top bath accessories line, and is now Director of Exports. He founded the company’s logistics department then expanded to Central America and the US before moving to Los Angeles.

After moving to L.A. in 2006, Smeke focused on the Daily Concepts product line and blog, hoping to enrich the lives of others by helping them find answers to their life’s important questions during their daily shower as he has. He also tries to give to society each day through Daily Concepts. One way is donating body scrubbers and vans equipped with showers that travel around giving the homeless an opportunity to take a hot shower.

Smeke’s consideration goes further by making Daily Concepts’ products cruelty-free. This comes from a shared love with his wife of their two rescue dogs, and his belief that respecting animals helps the world find balance to become a better place to live.

Dr. Hubert's Logo

Dr. Hubert’s stands out in the Premium Natural Toothpaste market. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York, they believe that pure, simple, and natural are best for oral care. Dr. Hubert’s Premium Natural Toothpastes are made with no emulsifiers, binders or wetting agents. Naturally mined materials used as a mild abrasive help prevent plaque buildup, remove surface stains, and whiten & polish teeth. A naturally derived sweetener reduces plaque formation, inhibits enamel demineralization, and helps to reduce the formation of cavities. Pure essential oil flavoring not only taste great, but kills bacteria in the mouth and freshens breath. Dr. Hubert’s cares about their environmental impact too by using a recyclable metal tube instead of the cheaper plastic tubes that cannot be recycled.

Emmy's Organics Logo

After years of living with eating restrictions of no gluten, dairy, or other digestive irritants, Ian Gaffney met self named health nut Samantha Abrams and Emmy’s Organics was born in Ian’s mother’s kitchen. Starting with a recipe for natural ingredient coconut cookies Ian had created, they began selling in Farmers Markets and the local Co-Op. After a trip to New York, more retailers began to carry their products and it expanded to selling nationwide.

This family-oriented, B Corp Certified company sources high quality, organic, certified vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO ingredients because they want to produce healthy snacks that are socially and environmentally responsible. All products are made in wind and solar powered buildings to reduce their production carbon footprint, and using packaging that is recyclable, reusable, or from plant based or recycled material.

They also do in house composting, recycling, and packaging reuse to eliminate as much waste as possible.

Emmy’s Organics wants to do more than produce environmentally conscious products, they give back to the local community, as well as providing employees with programs like weekly yoga, IRA contributions, and flexible health spending programs. To show their commitment, they summarize it as: INGREDIENTS, TRANSPARENCY, TRUST.


Find Mindfulness Logo

After more than nine years of different mediation practices and a childhood filled with “what if,” Payal Khurana wanted to help others connect with themselves and learn to appreciate the fullness of each of life’s moments. She teamed up with Elliot Larkin, who shared the desire to help others feel the fullness of each moment and Find Mindfulness.

Larkin practiced Vipassana meditation in France, studied ancient texts in India, volunteer at Mother Teresa's House of the Dying and Destitute, and maintains a daily meditation practice, while holding a meditation group in his home on Fridays to help others become centered.

Living in the world we do can make it hard to focus and make us full of stress.  Learning to release this and become more focused and centered is what Find Mindfulness is all about. These courses (and the mini session included in each GuestBox!) are designed to help focus awareness on the present and maintain focus without distraction. It guides you through accepting feelings, thoughts, and senses, while improving concentration, relaxation, and even relationships.

Other benefits of mindfulness include: perspective, calmly seeing problems and the world; manage stress, remaining centered in moments of stress; intuition and creativity, learn to recognize and trust your gut feelings to avoid indecision and release your creative flow.


Foreo Logo

FOREO believes that when you feel good, you look good. That’s why they make high-end beauty and well-being products for the masses. They think everyone has a right to get professional-level products, not just the wealthy, which is why they are called FOREO, meaning “For Every One.”

This fun-loving team is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, most of which having nothing to do with beauty and well-being. This uniqueness allows them to create new technologies and designs that can be used in any home at a sensible price, winning them multiple awards.

At this unconventional beauty company, all are committed to change and never settle. FOREO wants to create change for the better in every type of product in every industry. That’s why they make products that enable the average person to have spa-cleansing, rejuvenating experiences, and professional level dental care in their own homes.


Harry's Logo

Harry’s is striving to give you not only a better shave but giving you one at a fraction of the cost of big brands. They make high-quality shaving products that they sell directly to you online, which cuts costs from being passed on to you. Using only the finest materials and ingredients, they ensure you receive an exceptional performance. They grind high-grade steel right on their own factory in Germany, making sure each product meets their high-quality standards before shipping them directly to you.

Harry’s founders, Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield, have worked, traveled, and been friends since interning together in college. Their values and passions of simple design, appreciation of well-made things, and a belief that companies should make the world a better place, are a part of Harry’s foundation. That’s why they donate 1% of sales and 1% of time to helps organizations that prepare people for personal and professional success.

June Jacobs Logo

Created by June and her daughter Rochelle over 30 years ago, June Jacobs skin care products begin with highly efficacious natural ingredients that are formulated to deliver healthy, beautiful skin. They believe skin should absorb pure ingredients and active botanicals to enhance overall skin wellness, with no harsh chemicals.

Combining the latest technology with nature-based ingredients, they offer a holistic approach to luxurious spa treatments to restore skin’s natural balance. They believe in the importance of preventing aging from the outside for serenity and well-being, as well as staying healthy on the inside, and offer customization of treatment plans for all skin types and skin concerns.

All June Jacobs skin care products are made without parabens and when possible, are free of preservatives, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes & fragrance, and sulfates. They contain botanical extracts, high quality actives and a 20-year U.S. patented antioxidant blend of white, red and green tea extracts combined with goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts for prevention of visible signs of premature aging.


Justin's Logo

Justin’s was founded by Justin Gold, a health conscious, active adventurer who wanted a protein-rich nut butter that tasted good, and was made out of as many organic ingredients possible. He started out in his very own kitchen, and put his name on the jars to deter hungry roommates from eating his hard made butters.

Encouraged by friends and family to pursue selling his creations, so with help, he created a business plan and started selling at his local farmers market. Still working a full-time job, he worked nights and weekends making FDA compliant butters in a salsa company’s kitchen. His unique flavor combinations were a hit at the farmers market and began to sell his products at local retailers.

Unhappy with the sugar-filled convenient packaged options on the market, he started selling his protein rich nut butters in on-the-go squeeze packs, which provided portion-control in an easy to carry form. The Chocolate Almond Butter & Chocolate Hazelnut Butter having over 50% less sugar than leading brands, making it a guilt-free, nutritious alternative.

After receiving the first Whole Foods Market’s Local Producer Loan in the grocer’s Rocky Mountain Region, he expanded the company to the next level, and started giving back to the surrounding communities. He partnered with Conscious Alliance, a local non-profit and encouraged employees to volunteer at the nearby Native American reservation, Pine Ridge, after seeing 8/10 lowest income areas in the US are Native American. Inspired to pay it forward after his own loan, Justin’s co-created and founded the Whole Planet Foundation Microloan-a-Month Fund., where they give a microloan to an entrepreneur in the developing world.

Justin’s has been ranked in the Top 15 on the Inc. 500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies (Food and Beverage category) two years in a row, and was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young.  

Key West Aloe Logo

For over 45 years, Key West Aloe has been easing the pain of sunburns and more. Started in 1971, when the term SPF hadn’t been heard of, Key West Aloe saw the benefits of applying pure aloe vera to skin that had been overexposed to the sun. This set in motion finding out what else aloe vera could do to help healthy skin.

Aloe is a natural age-defyer that’s nourishing and moisturizing, and is a cosmetically active carrier that enhances the performance of other cosmetic ingredients. They have their own 5 in 1 Aloe Foundation that is a superfood for skin and naturally contain: over 20 amino acids needed to sustain life; vitamins A,C, and E that fight free radicals and the effects of aging; Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 that boost immunity; Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid that are needed to build and rebuild cells; and the vital minerals Zinc, Selenium, and Magnesium, responsible for nearly 300 metabolic functions, plus Chromium, Potassium, and Calcium.

They have created a large variety of luxurious blends, using aloe vera as the active base ingredient and only add additional ingredients that have been thoroughly researched and scientifically proven to be high performing for their personal care products. This includes a wide range of extracts, emollients, medicines, and performance anti-aging ingredients. As a cruelty-free company, they do not test products or ingredients on animals.



Marlowe Logo

A high-quality, boutique skincare line, Marlowe makes products for the everyday, easy-going man who wants products that work without all the fuss. Their products aren’t complicated with unneeded chemicals and they conduct meticulous testing with the customer's’ skin sensitivity in mind, but respect our furry friends by not testing on animals.

They believe you should be confident in who you are while standing up for yourself and those who aren’t able. So they crafted this socially-conscious skincare line to help men look and feel good every day, from head to toe, beard or no beard. These body care essentials aim to elevate your lifestyle effortlessly.

Marlowe has been in numerous magazines and shows, including Dr. Oz, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and many more!



Munk Pack Logo

Tired of portable foods full of additives and fillers that were over processed, Munk Pack started making their own brand of real food goodness. Inspired by the adventurous spirit and healthy diet of the chipmunk, Munk Pack sources high quality superfoods from local farms and mills to make non-perishable, minimally processed, great tasting foods with no additives or fillers. Their products have no artificial flavors, use BPA-free packaging, are Non-GMO Project certified, Gluten-free, and use sugar only from fruit.

After starting with bottles for their products, Munk Pack started using non-perishable pouches that make taking something nutritious that tastes good on-the-go possible, without any artificial preservatives. The caps and boxes (made from 100% recycled paper) are 100% recyclable, and they work with suppliers to minimize all the businesses environmental impact. They support local groups like the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center with donations.


Panier des Sens Logo

Tracing its beginnings to the Provence region of Southern France,  Panier des Sens creates bath, fragrance, and skin care products imbued with the French essence of elegance, quality, and sensuality. They make products that share the best Provence has to offer.

Marseille native, Jérôme Lambruschini, took his love for trees, vegetable gardening and nature he inherited from his grandfather, and love of earth and perfumes from his mother, and started Panier Des Sens in 2001.  

They base their product process on the traditional, master soap making expertise that uses exclusive vegetable oils, without coloring or synthetic surfactants, and local plant life from Provence and the Mediterranean. Products are suffused with natural ingredients and essential oils and are free from preservatives, silicone, aluminum, and other undesirable chemicals.

Panier Des Sens is committed to respecting the environment and gives priority to local harvesters, and built its foundation on natural formulations and extensive research on active plant substances. They also support the community by manufacturing and packaging its authentic and all natural body care products in Marseille, bordered by the Rhône Valley, Italy and Mediterranean Sea.



Poo-Pourri Logo

Tired of not finding truly natural bathroom products, Poo~Pourri creator Suzy Batiz put her knowledge of essential oils to work and formulated the very first all natural toilet odor spray. She wanted to give confidence to everyone when they use the restroom and not feel embarrassed by odors that are left behind for the next person. She hopes to eliminate the stigma of going number two since it is a natural human function, allowing people to focus on more important matters in their lives.

True to their commitment to making natural products that are safe to breath and flush, theirs contain NO: harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, aerosol, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde.

Being a small, woman-owned business, Poo~Pourri contributes to programs all over the world that assist women in gaining an education and to protect them from violence. They believe all women should have a voice, the opportunity to succeed, a safe environment to grow and pursue their dreams, and bare their genius.

Quikees Logo

Quickees was created by founder Tim Kirkland during a road trip when he obsessed over the need for a quick stop to brush his teeth and traditional toothbrush options.

Unhappy with the current plastic toothbrush options, he wanted a more environmentally friendly toothbrush that still worked great, but not stay on the planet forever. Realizing that recycling plastics used high amounts of energy to only change its form and ultimately ending up on landfills, Kirkland knew he had to make a decomposable, rapidly renewable toothbrush. That’s how Quickees was born!

A highly renewable resource, bamboo decomposes in landfills (and anywhere else they end up!) instead of taking up space for all time. It cleans teeth with the same results as traditional toothbrushes and lasts just as long, but those are the only things they have in common.

Bamboo is a rapidly growing, renewable, biodegradable resource that absorbs carbon dioxide with an output of 35% more oxygen than other plants. Each toothbrush has an organic bamboo handle and BPA and phthalate free nylon bristles making them 100% recyclable! The paints used to offer a variety of colors are all water based, so each family member can pick their favorite.

Sencha Logo

Founded in 2001 by David Kerdoon, Sencha Naturals began after his journey through Asia. He was amazed by the different uses of green tea beyond just leaves and water, including salty snacks, sweet treats, and even skin care.

Kerdoon wanted to bring this variety of uses to the U.S., so he began working with tea masters, connoisseurs, herbalists and food formulators to create a socially-responsible company with green tea as the center of its unique products. Green Tea Mints were the first product, moving on to green tea for immune support and green tea lattes. They continually look for new ways to use green tea while doing what they can to care for their community and the planet.

This Certified B Corporation takes sustainability seriously and feels success isn’t just the bottom line, and use transparent standards to measure their social and environmental impact. Part of how they show this is by using 100% biodegradable eco-tubes for coconut sugar mints and lattes, and recyclable packaging.

To show their love to the community, they regularly participate in B Corp events, and local volunteer events in the Los Angeles area. Sencha Naturals also actively supports Love146, an organization to end child trafficking and exploitation and believe: Together, we can understand the realities of human trafficking and empower communities and youth across the world to stand up against it.


Stash Tea Logo

Founded in 1972, The Stash Tea Company has become one of the largest specialty tea sellers in the US by creating top quality, specialty teas with natural ingredients and premium organic teas that are USDA and QAI certified organic.

Named after the “stash” of the finest teas clipper ship captains used to keep on board for their own personal use centuries ago, it now refers to anything carefully handled due to its preciousness.

Stash Tea has always taken social and environmental responsibilities seriously and try to be as green, responsible, and as socially conscious as possible. A few ways they accomplish this are by using green power from local provider Portland General Electric, and energy-wise fluorescent light fixtures and other energy-efficient lighting in their production plant, saving almost 50,000 kWh each year while increasing employee light quality. Employees also receive half the cost of monthly bus passes to help encourage public transportation use. Tea boxes are 100% recyclable, and they reuse and recycle packaging materials, office supplies, printer cartridges, scrap paper and newspaper, even using recycled paper and paper from sustainably managed forests for packing material and printing projects.

Stash Tea does more than just being conscious of their production materials, they support local community organizations and events promoting awareness of local impact, arts and sciences, education, and the environment and health. They also give donations of tea and gift baskets to qualifying applicants who request them from the surrounding areas.

The Laundress Logo

Created by two fashionistas, Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd, The Laundress is a sophisticated, eco-conscious range of laundry products that meets the needs of fashion lovers, new parents and even pet owners. Tired of replacing prematurely worn clothing and paying high dry cleaning bills, they created a way to give clothing a longer life in a safe way.

Realizing 90% of articles marked “Dry Clean Only” could actually be washed, they perfected a highly concentrated product of active ingredients such as enzymes and plant surfactants that uses fewer ounces per load that requires less packaging, energy, and water. It can be used in all machines (including HE), washing temperatures, and water systems. It has been formulated for all fabrics and colors, making it safe for any garment, and even offer laundry tips and “how-to” videos.

The ingredients are eco-friendly, nontoxic, biodegradable, and plant-derived, while being free of allergens, SLS, petroleum, phthalates, phosphate, parabens, and chlorine bleach, and made in the U.S.A. They are also have no animal by-products and are only tested on Gwen & Lindsey, making them cruelty-free.


Ursa Major Logo

Ursa Major strives to create a robust, natural skin care line alternative to the traditional, toxin-laden products that’s healthy, highly effective, and enjoyable to use. Made with 98.6% naturally-derived, and 51% organic ingredients, that are sourced, when possible, from family-owned, sustainable growers.

They provide clear, healthy skin with an artful blend of natural advanced formulas for an exceptional performance they call ‘super natural.’ Ursa Major only produces products that meet the criteria of three questions: Is it effective? Is it healthy? Is it sublime? Ensuring only the best products get produced or are sent back to be redesigned.

Since many companies claim their products  are ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ often contain only small amounts of natural or organic ingredients, Ursa Major use ingredients that do not contain: fillers, petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs, and are gluten-free, vegan & cruelty-free.