About Us

Hospitality expectations are on the rise. Travelers, whether on the road for business or pleasure, crave and demand more than a basic, clean, comfortable hotel accommodation. They now want and expect a unique, special, and memorable experience while visiting new places.


GuestBox helps hoteliers provide this elevated experience.


GuestBox is curated package of luxury goods that welcomes guests when they walk into their room. It’s packed with unique, high-quality, travel-size items that guests can use and enjoy during and after their trip. Products include toiletries, skincare items, and snacks -- all from innovative brands that are eco-friendly, health-conscious, and many, founded and led by female and minority entrepreneurs.


While many boutique hotels already offer some sort of welcome package experience to VIP guests, loyal customers, and travelers celebrating specials occasions -- GuestBox makes that process easier, more cost effective, and way more satisfying for the guests who receive the gift.


We handle the curation process, picking out top products that match the lifestyle, desires, and needs of your property’s unique guest type. You don’t have to scramble to put together a predictable and generic basket of fruit, wine, and cheese. We supply you with beautifully curated boxes of high-quality, interesting, and novel products we know your guests will love.


If you host guests -- whether in a high-end hotel, single-location Airbnb, or something in between -- GuestBox would love to give you an affordable way to offer elevated, luxury travel experiences that surprise and delight guests.


If you’re a product company focused on creating new and innovative products that stand out and impress customers, we’d love to talk about bringing your unique, high-end items to guests around the country.


Contact us today to see how we can work together to elevate the hospitality experience in a simple, fun, and elegant way that guests will remember long after their stay!


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